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The Kosowiik´s comprise of the Wiik brothers who are the younger generation of the World famous “Jerry Jimmy & Jonny” who were the circus trick riding stars of the 1970´s.
They have been trained by a private instructor from the highly acclaimed Russian State circus in Moscow and have toured around Europe with their show stopping act.

There are 4 members in the troupe, each with their own white Arabian stallion horse. These young artists have built up an excellent reputation and have appeared in circus, TV shows, stunt filming, show jumping and circus festivals.

The Kosowiik´s have been booked for modelling jobs in Sweden and Ireland.

The Kosowiik´s act is fast and furious, with many precision stunts to keep the adrenaline flowing among their audience. The show is complemented by excellent lighting, smoke effects and action music.

The Kosowiik´s are self sufficient with their own horse transport and living accommodation, as well as stable tent.

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