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1993. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
1994. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
1995. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
1996. TV. Youth program “Bullen”
1996. Stockholm international horse show “Sweden”
1997. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
1997. TV. Children´s program 3 part series “Sweden”
1997. Swedens best up coming circus act award Furuvik ”Sweden”
1997-1998. Wintercircus Apeldoorn “Holland”
1998. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
1998-1999. Circus Herman Renz “Holland”
1999. Festival du Cirque de Lausanne “Switzerland”
1999. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
1999. Galas in “France”
1999. Circus Medrano “France”
2000. Season Cirkus Scala “Sweden”
2000. Galas in Amiens “France”

2000-2001. Wintercircus Offenburg “Germany”
2001. Film “The Bears Kiss”
2001. Season Cirkus Scott “Sweden”
2001. Festival in Le-Mans “France”
2001-2002. Wintercircus Fligenpils “Belgium”
2002. TV. Circo Massimo “Italy / Sweden”
2002. Season Cirkus Finlandia “Finland”
2002-2003. Festival in Liège “Belgium”
2003. Season Cirkus Arena “Denemark”
2003. Galas in Pinder Jean Richard “France”
2003-2004. Heilbronner Weihnachtcircus “Germany”
2004. Season Cirkus Agora “Norway”
2004-2005. Season  Circus Vegas “Ireland”
2006. Wintercircus Holland.

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